Conversations to explore, educate and innovate

In 2018, LaunchLKN will expand its programming to include an Infinite Possibilites Serires to evoke ideas related to groundbreaking technology. In conjuction with the Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College, LaunchLKN will engage local entrepreneurs, corporations, and faculty who are exploring each technology to share knowledge with the community. In addition to exploring various topics from different perspectives, the events will feature an "Ethics in Innovation" component for discussion centered on the human impact of these technologies. Curious about the risks and rewards of technology? Join us for this six-part series to ask questions and share insights.

May 30th, 2018

Topic: AI & Machine Learning: From Hype to Real World Application
Location: McKay Atrium, E. Craig Wall, Jr. Academic Center
Time: 5-8 pm



July 18th, 2018

Topic: Smart Cities
Location: The Hub @ Davidson
Time: 5-7:30 pm



October 4th, 2018

Topic: Virtual Reality
Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson
Time: 5-7:30 pm