Infinite Possibilities: Are Our Smart Cities Smarter?

Date: Wednesday, July 18

Location: Hurt Hub@Davidson (210 Delburg Street)

Time: 5-8pm

Sponsors: NC Idea Foundation, Town of Davidson, Aquesta Bank, Forrest Firm

What is a smart city? McKinsey defines it as intelligence in the physical network that allows us to make better decisions that improve our quality of life. Some aspects of city life are changing rapidly (remote work habits, wireless internet, and autonomous vehicles) while others haven't changed in a century (highways, the electric grid, and indoor plumbing). How might a rapidly growing region like Charlotte change in the next 20 years? What are the benefits to the environment and individual quality of life? And what are the cyber risks from a world where an exponential number of devices are digitally interconnected? Creating a true smart city requires collaboration and involves all sectors. As we explore this broad topic, we are going to dig deeply into sustainability, autonomous cars, and cyber security. Join us for local craft beer and smart conversation!