Go Behind The Scenes: Powering AI/ML & Blockchain in Lake Norman

Date: Wednesday, November 28

Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson (210 Delburg Street)

Time: 5-7:30pm

Sponsors: NC Idea Foundation, Aquesta Bank, Forrest Firm, Jackrabbit Technologies

Ever had a hankering for ice cream while floating on your boat in the middle of Lake Norman? Enter the LaunchLKN AI/ML Interest Group, a group of lake loving, sweet-toothed tech enthusiasts who are committed to satisfying your cravings! Among the diverse list of projects emerging from this group is the development of an autonomous boat that will launch ice cream sandwiches upon request.

What else?

Glad you asked …

Social impact is top of mind for our Blockchain LKN Labs Interest Group. Did you know that Charlotte ranks No. 8 out of 19,000 cities for human trafficking crimes? Tackling a global problem, but one very close to home, this crew is collaborating to use blockchain technology for digital identity to give us all complete control over how our identity data is accessed and used. Where did these ideas come from? How do the technologies work to create solutions to these problems? What about a go-to-market strategies? Do they need help? And who is engineering said ice cream launcher?! Find out answers to these and more as we go behind the scenes with our LaunchLKN Interest Groups!