Tech Has Realtors Searching for Jobs, Not Houses

Date: Wednesday, September 25

Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson

Time: 5:00-7:30 pm

How will we buy and sell our homes in the future? With the rise of services like Knock and OpenDoor, one has to ask, are real estate brokers a thing of the past? Before you roll your eyes at us, let's call out a few other areas where salespeople have become unnecessary in the wake of technology. CC: stock trading (E-trade, TD Ameritrade...), car buying (Carvana, Vroom...), travel agencies (Airbnb, Kayak...)

We'll lean on the experts to share some insights and ask realtors what they think about their shifting industry. 

Chris Langford, Managing Partner of Home Technology Ventures for Lowe’s, will explore the current state of home-buying and expound on a few of the many directions that market forces are pulling it. Greg Stewart, COO of Bungalo, and Stephen Wegner, Senior Director of Operations for Knock, will kick off the panel discussions for the night and give us the disruptor’s perspective of an evolving industry. From there, Michael Orlando and Mike Schneider will join the panel and defend the adaptability of the current system. Michael Orlando is a Broker at TSG Realty and the owner of two restaurants in Davidson. Mike Schneider is the CEO of First, a technology company that helps real estate agents leverage technology so they don’t get replaced by it. Local entrepreneur Evan Rozantes will lead this energetic panel and help us challenge our preconceived notions on how buying a home should be done in the age of apps.

The experienced panelists will explore questions such as: Is the real estate market as vulnerable to disruption as taxi services and car sales have been? Is it possible to host the entire process of buying and selling homes on an app? How would society change if everyone could sell their home at the click of a button? What role, if any, would realtors play in this hypothetical future?




Charlotte Angel Fund Monthly Sessions

Dates: The Second Tuesday of Every Month

Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson (210 Delburg Street)

Time: 5:30-7 pm

Charlotte Angel Fund is Charlotte's largest and most active group of investors in high growth startup companies from throughout the region. Since their formation in late 2013, over 150 exciting startups seeking early-stage investment capital have presented at their monthly meetings. To date, they have invested just over $3 million in 16 of those companies.

The Charlotte Angel Fund has now come to the Lake Norman area by initiating a second monthly membership meeting in Davidson. 

Please join us and learn how you can be a part of the organization in 2019 and beyond.