Infinite Possibilities: Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality

Date: Thursday, October 4

Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson (210 Delburg Street)

Time: 5-7:30pm

Sponsors: NC Idea Foundation, Town of Davidson, Aquesta Bank, Forrest Firm , Jackrabbit Technologies

Virtual reality has been around for 50 years, and for most of us, we are familiar with its recent impact on the entertainment industry. But what about all the other ways that VR technology is transforming industries and impacting our ability to teach, train, treat, communicate, and influence the way we perceive the world?

Join us for our next segment of Infinite Possibilities as we explore how virtual reality has extraordinarily shifted the way we experience the digital realm. Learn how technology impacts decision making at Lowe’s and how the company leverages virtual and augmented reality in both the employee and customer experience. Find out how one Davidson alumna used VR to simulate the daily struggles of being a student of color at a predominantly white institution. Delve into the possibilities of virtual reality — can VR reduce racism, create empathy, change behavior, or reinforce stereotypes? Are there ethical obligations that we should consider when developing VR applications?

Featured speakers

Josh Shabtai, Director, Lab Productions, Lowe’s Innovation Labs

Leslie Alvarado, Product and Curriculum Coordinator, Tech Talent South

Tabitha Peck, Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science, Davidson College



LaunchLKN: October Member Social

Date: Tuesday, October 30

Location: The Hurt Hub@Davidson (210 Delburg Street)

Time: 5-7pm

Sponsors: NC Idea Foundation, Town of Davidson, Aquesta Bank, Forrest Firm, Jackrabbit Technologies

Every day we hear more stories about the progress our LaunchLKN members are making and the projects they are tackling. It is the reason we love our member socials — they are a chance to relax and engage with fellow entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts... while enjoying a little craft beer, of course. Join us on Tuesday, October 30 from 5-7 pm in the Social Commons at The Hurt Hub@Davidson. This event is for our members, but you are welcome to bring a guest. Cheers!