Welcome to LaunchLKN!

My name is Erica Madden, and I’m thankful to serve as the Executive Director of this growing community. I am a fellow local business owner (Bloom Strategic Communications), a lover of storytelling, strategy, and philanthropy, and our resident craft beer snob.

I have long loved the nonprofit space for its passionate people, engaged, intimate teams, and the ability to do a lot with a little. When I began serving startups in my consulting work, I found these organizations mirrored the nonprofits I knew and loved. LaunchLKN — which started over two of my favorite things: conversation and craft beer — became the perfect blend of my worlds. Together we are creating opportunities for forward-thinking, creative work to thrive. I’ve never had a boring conversation with a LaunchLKN member.

A few things to ask me when we meet:

What did you do this summer?  Prep work: check out one of my fav nonprofits: Access to Success

Where are you from?  FYI: this will likely lead into a discussion about my favorite sports teams...

Did I see you running in the dark this morning?  What can I say, I’m one of those weird morning people who actually likes to run. Creative juice stimulator.

What is your favorite book?  Have a full beer… this could take awhile!

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