Interested in Machine Learning?   We've got the group for you!

Started in 2015 and led by founder Phillipe Loher, this is a member-driven group that exists to inspire, advance knowledge, and promote hands-on experience in machine learning within our community. The group has hosted a variety of presentations in the past, including a co-presentation with Google in November 2017!

In addition to events and presentations, the group meets every week on Tuesday evenings in Davidson. For more information, visit their website or hit up Phillipe!

Got Blockchain on the brain? Be part of Blockchain LKN Labs, a group of blockchain experts and enthusiasts who have a passion for accelerating blockchain innovation through a technology for social impact community.

If you like to learn, tinker with tech, participate in projects for social good and talk about how the next new innovations will impact our lives, this group is for you! The group meets every Thursday evening. Visit the Meetup or check in with Ricardo Diaz for more info!